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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SIP Affinify?

SIP Affinity offers premium quality VOIP calling services at very competative cost. Our approach is to be a comprehensive service provider for clients seeking convenience, quality, and responsive service. Our service is very flexible and scales from the small business up to the large enterprises.

What makes your company different?

SIP Affinity works only with recognized global telephone carriers and network operators. We operate a tier1 connected Internet network and control BGP routing for all of our Internet traffic. A diverse set of technical expertise is within our company which allows us to a maintain high standard of excellence in the design, delivery, and operation of our service. The result is consistant quality, fast and flexible service provisioning, quick resolution of any issues, and a level of professionalism you can rely on.

Can I manage my account online?

We provide comprehensive management tools you can access in any web browser. You can order and configure services, view call records, make payments, open trouble tickets, and more once logged into our account manager.

How does billing work?

Most accounts are prepaid. We provide a $0.25 free test credit when you signup. After you've used it you must make a $10 opening deposit to continue using the services. All deposits you make after that also must be at least $10.00. We offer automatic accoun replishment via credit card, and email alerts to notify you of low balances.

Does SIP Affinity offer postpaid service?

We offer postpaid services only for established accounts up to a secured credit limit. An initial deposit establishes the credit limit.

What payment methods are available?

Payments can be made via Paypal, credit card, e-check (ACH), and wire deposit. A new credit card must be verified by SIP Affinity before it becomes active on the account.

Can I port numbers?

Yes, we allow ports both ways. Port orders into SIP Affinity are $15.00 for single-number orders. If porting several numbers contact sales for a discount.

Which protocols do you support?

We support SIP as the call control protocol. Audio calls to the public network must use the g711u and g729a media codecs. Video calls and audio calls that stay on network can use a variety of additional media codecs.

Does SIP Affinity present Caller ID?

Yes. Caller ID AND Caller Name will be passed and received by all carriers supporting the feature. Additionally Caller ID will be passed and received by most international carriers that support the feature.

Can I call U.S./Canada toll free numbers (+1800, +1888, +1877, +1866, +1855) using your service?


What dialing format should I use when sending calls?

Calls should be dialed using the E.164 format: [CountryCode][Number]

  • Calls to USA and Canada must be dialed as 1 + area code + number
  • Calls to other countries must be dialed as country code + local number

What is your call capacity?

Our network is capable of supporting thousands of simultaneous calls. As a practical matter call capacity is limited by your available bandwidth for call audio channels. Clients with significant call volume should submit a usage forecast in advance to ensure call capacity is not limited by our anti-fraud provisions. Simultaneous calls may also be restricted for accounts with low remaining balances and new accounts without credit history.

Where are your media gateways?

Our gateways are located in New York, Texas and California. Media is dynamically allocated to the best performing gateway for the call path.

What is your Internet connectivity?

We are connected to multiple tier1 global carriers at speeds of 1 gigabit or greater including the 1st, 2nd, and 7th largest global networks in the world. This, along with our custom routing policy, allows us to offer high quality VOIP services to most of the world, and especially for calls to/from U.S. numbers.

Can I obtain private connectivity or colocate my equipment?

Yes. We offer colocation services with 24/7 remote hands availability in our New York location. We offer private connectivity from T1 (1.5Mb) though gig-E within the U.S.A. and Canada. The private line can run both Internet data and voice traffic with defined QoS (quality of service).

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